As we work our way through things you loved from our old site, we will dig through the pages of gorgeous women features back then.  Hopefully they still look as awesome today as they did back when Mental Motors last featured its digital footprint across the interwebs.

So Michelle was one of our most popular featured babes, so here is the old article for you to enjoy once again!

Fact File
Name: Michelle
Height: 5ft4
Eyes: Blue
Hair: blonde
Bust: 34F
Waist: 26″
Hips: 35″


What are your vital statistics? 34F/26/34

Do you currently own a car? if so what is it? I have a Toyota Celica

Would/have you modify it, and if so what would you do with it? Ooh, I’ll have to see what I fancy when the time comes.

What is the car you’d most like to own? Nissan skyline

Do you ever visit cruises? if so/if not, what do you think of them? I’ve never visited a cruise but I hope to in the near future if I get booked at the next big event. I think they’re a great way for like minded people to get together & show off their handy work & sexy cars.

What is your favourite pass time? shopping! (well, I am a girl!)

What’s the coolest event/thing your ever been to/done? Max Power Live takes some beating.

What made you get into modeling? I was born to do it! I love posing for the cameras & being the centre of attention.

What are your ambitions? get rich, retire & chill out

If there was no object, what would you most like to be doing every day? shopping, of course!

What is the naughtiest thing you’ve been asked to do while modeling, that you were happy to do? I was asked to model adult nappies! Not my cup of tea, but I did it for a laugh.

Did it involve fruit, or squirty cream? No, but I have done shoots with both fruit & squirty cream, angel delight, custard…you name it, I’ve done it!

What is your favourite food? Indian curry

What are your favourite type of undies? Sexy & extravagant.

What is your most favourite clothing item, or outfit you own? I love my stiletto pole dancer shoes. they’re so sexy!

What sort of sense of humour have you, what things make you laugh? I have a silly, childish sense of humour & laugh & anything outrageous!

What is your ideal night out? Wined, dined & , erm….sixty nined!

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