Once again Mental Motors finds that some of the most gorgeous Models out there come from Scotland… Damn, why does it have to be so far away from down here!
This time, we introduce you to Chardonnay, who is 20, and so deserved of her place in our pages!

What are your vital statistics? 34D-30-26
What is the car you’d most like to own? Mmm… has to be a ferrari!
Do you ever visit cruises and what do you think of them? I am a regular at Livingston cruise, West Lothian Cruise. I like the general banter and having a laugh with everyone although I’m usually modelling.
What is the coolest thing your ever done? I always have fun at different events I don’t really have a particular event just now.

What is your favourite past time? I have too many!
What made you get into modelling? From as far back as I can remember, I was always posing in front of a camera, and I loved looking at all the beautiful models.
What are your ambitions? I haven’t really set ambitions, I just hope i continue to do well in my modelling and be happy in life.

If there were no object, what would you most like to be doing every day? Hmm.. I would probably be lounging by a pool somewhere hot, Followed by a beach shoot and some extreme clubbing.
What is the naughtiest thing you’ve been asked to do in photos, that you were happy to do? Hmm.. Has to be when i was dressed in a pvc cops uniform in Livingston and we sneaked behind the police van’s outside the police station to take some sexy topless shots for Fast Car
Did it involve vegetables, or squirty cream? Nope.. It involved some very cold weather and nerves as i was waiting on a police man tapping me on the shoulder hehe its not always glamourous but it is always fun!!

What types of people do you get attracted to? People with a good personality and really funny!
What is your ideal night out? A pole, A Bar, A class DJ, and my Family & Friends!!
What is your favourite food? Anything hot and spicey!!
What is your favourite type of undies? French knickers!
What is your most favourite clothing item, or outfit you own? I love pvc, leather and silk, I love my corsets!
What sort of sense of humour have you, what things make you laugh? Haha its funny you ask that, because I even laugh at my own jokes!! how bad is that!!
My new website is currently under construction!

Mental Motors Personality test….

Boys or Girls – Both

Fruit or Chocolate – Strawberries with melted chocolate! :-p

Leather or lace – Leather!

Water or wine – Wine

Volkswagen or Vauxhall – Ferrari hehe

Banana or cucumber – Come on who doesn’t love bananas

Blonde or Brunette – Blonde

Short or tall – Hmm..

Books or bedroom – Bedroom

Wine bar or night club – Night club!

Italian or Chinese – Oh tricky I love them both!

Indoors or outdoors – Outdoors in the summer defo Indoors in the winter!

Danger or safety – Danger!

Tight or loose – Tight

Pink or kaki – Kaki

Boots or high heels – I love them all hehe

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