1. What are your vital statistics? Well im 5’10 with 34″ legs, 34DD,28,38

2. What is the car you’d most like to own? Golf gti

3. Would you modify it, and if so what would you do with it? Id modifiy it right up, bodykit, side exit exhaust and sprayed black with silver sparkles, and the usual tints and 17’s, lowered, leather interior, I don’t want the usual birds car!

4. Do you ever visit cruises? if so/if not, what do you think of them? Yeah I go to a few, there good fun, obv loads of stunning cars that I wouldn’t mind having a piece of!

6. What is the coolest event/thing your ever been to/done? Been to a few cool cruises ,but I was once on a photo shoot and got asked to leave the place we were shooting for indecent exposure so I suppose that’s pretty cool haha!

7. What is your favourite past time? Every time I go out and get rat arsed

8. What made you get into modelling? Basically im a total poser so I just thought, well might as well see what happens and get paid for doing what I enjoy.

9. What are your ambitions? To make something of myself wether it be with modelling or not, my ambition for modelling is to be well known on the car scene

10. If there were no object, what would you most like to be doing every day? Can I say having sex? LoL

11. What is the naughtiest thing you’ve been asked to do in photos, that you were happy to do? Naughtiest was probably to bend right over (I had a thong on though) my lady garden was nearly on show

12. Did it involve vegetables, or squirty cream? Unfortunately not LoL

13. Worst thing you’ve been asked to do in life in general and did you do it? Masterbate on the webcam! I can safely say I declined the offer

14. What types of people do you get attracted to? Bad boyssss!

What is your ideal night out? A night out on the lash with the girls, dinner, clubbing then after party.

What is your favourite food? chinese

What is your favourite type of undies? frenchies

What is your most favourite clothing item, or outfit you own? My lingerie

What sort of sense of humour have you, what things make you laugh? I have a wicked sence of humour, kinda dirty but in a funny way. Dirty jokes make me laugh.

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