So Elite Dangerous was just updated, and this update gives us some new content.  Lots of stuff still to be discovered and how it affects game play.  But my immediate discovery with money I was saving for a new craft, was the new Krait MKII ship.  I was currently travelling around in a Python, which I loved, but wanting the Anaconda… but its price…. then checking out new ships I was presented with the Krait.  On many levels very similar to the Python in spec, although doesn’t have quite as many places to put stuff.  But it gains in speed and maneuverability.. and sound.. oh the sounds she makes .. I love them… so it was almost a too easy choice to sell up the python and buy the Krait.   Especially at only 45 Million credits!

Great thing was also, most of my bought add-ons for the Python could be transferred directly over… so I also stripped the python before its sale.   Its a lot of fun to fly, and in my opinion it looks awesome too.  My remaining credits (ensuring I retained enough for the dreaded rebuy) were blown on a Beluga Liner… and thats another story but makes loads of dosh doing transport missions…

Take a look at my first business flight in the new Krait and see what you think!  (and excuse my poor landing! )

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